Oct 24, 2014


Kip Thorne is an American theoretical physicist who was consulted by the writer Carl Sagan for his 1985 book "Contact". Thorne's work, ideas, and writings inspired which Nov 2014 film, on which he is also the executive producer?

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Oct 23, 2014


The notorious father, Francois, died in 1971. He was succeeded by his 'baby', Jean-Claude, who was not a medical man like his father. The 'baby' died in 2014. Who are these people?

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Oct 22, 2014


The writer Richard Flanagan won the 2014 Man Booker Prize for his novel "The Narrow Road to the Deep North", with an episode during World War II playing a central part in its tale.

Flanagan once collaborated with the film director Baz Luhrmann on a 2008 film. Which film, whose one word title is the name of a country?

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Oct 21, 2014


Based on a guest question by 'ACizdnewcool' | contribute questions

While the female version of this name made headlines in December 2012, the male version of this name made news in October 2014, owing to a major contribution of India's DRDO.

Which undaunted name?

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Oct 20, 2014


The name of this Middle Eastern fighting force is usually translated as "(those who) face death". The force has been a key participant in the region's tussle against the Islamic State.

Which force?

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